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Synonyms: companion, friend, flatmate, bunkmate, bedfellow, more.
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Traduzioni simili, traduzioni simili a "camera da letto" in francese camera sostantivo, french da preposizione, french letto sostantivo.Tratta da, cambridge English Corpus, influence of contrast on the responses of marmoset lateral geniculate cells to drifting gratings.Tratta da, cambridge English Corpus, often the animal's threshold responses drifted downward but eventually stabilized.Tratta da Cambridge English Corpus Now they are slowly migliore app cam sesso gratis coming to be accepted and may even be drifting into mainstream science.Examples of drift, these examples of drift are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.Tratta da, cambridge English Corpus, obeying the imperative to pursue personal interests in early adulthood the old man and his siblings had drifted apart.Tratta da, cambridge English Corpus, the system drifted from an initial phase of large surpluses to increasing deficits and ultimate crisis.Discussioni su 'roommate' nel forum English Only.' roommate ' found in these entries, italiano: coinquilino, in Lists: Renting, Friendship, more.Tratta gozadas perfeita video sexo online da Cambridge English Corpus Only.50 of these cells show response supersaturation to optimal gratings drifting in the preferred direction of motion.Visita il forum Italiano-Inglese.Individual frequencies that are mixed together in order to create sonic masses follow reciprocal types of motion, including undulations, surges, swirls, drifts and dips.I don't like the way your roommate spoke to you.Tratta da, cambridge English Corpus, the simplest assumption, and the point of departure for most population genetic investigations, is that inversions have drifted (neutrally) to their present frequency.Tratta da, cambridge English Corpus, cross-orientation suppression cam sesso live chaturbate can be obtained with mask gratings drifting rather rapidly, whereas surround suppression has lower temporal resolution.

Tratta da, cambridge English Corpus, figure 3 shows the steady-state characteristics of the steering control valve and drifts as the steering load and the tluid temperature varies.
Inglese, thesaurus: sinonimi e parole collegate drift noun (meaning thesaurus: sinonimi e parole collegate drift noun (movement thesaurus: sinonimi e parole collegate.