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For example, I expect SanDisk and OCZ to both release new SSDs fairly soon.
Unfortunately the ATA trim command hasnt been finalized yet, and so (as of today) there are no drives, including Intels SSDs that actually support the ATA trim command; and for this reason Linuxs block device layer does not currently issue the ATA trim command, since.Patches exist, but I havent had the time Ive needed to do the necessary Q/A and to get those patches merged into e2fsprogs mainline.The e2fsprogs code was written to easily support multiple extent formats; the kernel code is less flexible, but if this were to become an issue, we could add this support easily enough.Jeff Layton talks with Theodore Ts'o about getting the best performance out of your file system, painless migration and the work still.Some of those features included: extents, delayed allocation, the multiblock allocator, persistent preallocation, metadata checksums, and online defragmentation.JL, what design goals were not met in the current version of ext4?Ext4 has support for the ATA trim command, which allows filesystems to inform SSDs that blocks have been deleted and do not need to be taken into account by the SSDs garbage collection and wear-leveling algorithms.We didnt really consider doing something competely new and totally incompatible with ext3 because part of the goal of ext4 was to have something that could be stablized fairly quickly.The reality is that it takes years before a completely new filesystem to be considered stable enough for use in an enterprise environment, and we wanted something that could be ready as quickly as possible.While not committing yourself to any comments ala Bill Gates and 640KB of memory, do you ali di bate papo gay think its possible well see a need for 64-bit block addressing?The kernel code is there, and its been lightly tested, but the e2fsprogs support for 64-bit block numbers has not yet been merged into mainline.JL, whats left to be done with ext4 and the supporting utilities?Since they have customers using Lustre that utilize this format, we decided to keep on-disk compatibility so that Lustre users could easily migrate their server filesystems to use ext4.Jeff Layton talks with Theodore Tso to talk about designing ext4, painless migration and the work still.
Again, that should hopefully happen soon.
I have one installed in my laptop, and it works just fine.

Click here to read about setting up and benchmarking an ext4 file system.
I wouldnt really consider this ext5; it would probably just be an additional feature for ext4.
Ext4 can be used as an upgrade path for ext3.